What is a PAMM Account?

What is a PAMM Account?Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a software application used for pairing client funds with a unique discretionary account service offered by foreign exchange brokers. The manager’s trading activity results are compounded among central asset accounts according to the ratio of investment on an account.

How users can benefit from using PAMM Accounts

With the PAMM Account as a means of pooling money into trading, an account manager can trade with larger volumes and thus has the chance of getting larger returns. The manager trades, generating profits which draw more investment and a bigger amount of funds is traded for investors.

The participants of the PAMM Account structure comprise the broker, traders and investors. Hence, investors who crave to profit from trading but lack the time or skill need not trade by themselves; having only to invest funds in PAMM Accounts. Therefore, PAMM Accounts is about entrusting funds to managers who are experienced and who manage others people’s money together with their own capital.

The agreement- which may be a definite sum of money or a percentage – between the manager and investors is drawn out in the Manager’s Proposal and is the core for investor assent to take on a risk by making their money accessible to selected managers who will divest the funds in line with their own strategy.

The account begins with its opening and the first investment is the manager’s capital which is a non-withdrawable sum that secures the manager’s interest in the account. The manager is not allowed to take out this capital as it acts as an assurance for soon-to-be investors that the account will be operated reliably. The managers publicize the account’s activity, providing certain provisos and indicating profits obtained. So, the brokers publicize the account in ratings on their websites, but they do not accept liability for any losses or profits as they are not enmeshed in any trading activity.

Profits are then spread at the end of every trading period between the manager and the investors. At one go the broker can distribute funds, acting as a regulator where manager’s act unjustly.

PAMM Accounts provides several advantages to managers and investors. A successful trader acting as a manager can receive profit not only from his funds but also a percentage of the investor’s profit and can set this amount in the Manger’s Proposal. The managers define the provisos, control degree over the trade conditions, trade period and the distribution method of profits. These are all conditions that the investors must accept.

For investors, the advantages are no less. To reduce risk, the investor can diversify their investments across a number of accounts.

How to find out if a PAMM Account is worth investing in

What is a PAMM Account?The selection of traders is the most important point as the manager is the person whom you entrust your capital. There are some noteworthy PAMM Account data that attention should be paid to when choosing the manager for your funds.

  • First, analyze the account opening date.
  • Operating income is the next noteworthy thing for inexpert investors. Appraise this steadiness over diverse intervals.
  • Also, check manager remuneration. The most experienced traders can increase the minimal capital investment.
  • Heed the aggressiveness trading which is the extent of risk managers take. Look at the amount of deals and the number of trading per day.
  • If trader’s deposit is over 50%, it usually means they are a high risk trader.
  • Recovery issue highlights a trader’s skill to restore losses after fall and beat the potential mess. It is gauge of trader’s success rate.
  • Check Manager’s own capital. The trader with the giant personal account is believed to be careful as he risks his own money too.
  • The kind of investment needs to be studied warily. The long-term investment is more recommended.


Remember these points when you make your choice for an suitable PAMM Account. Don’t rush when deciding PAMM Account;  consider all the data. Pick an account manager and broker properly after analyzing the possible risk and profit you can get as an investor.


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